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Nafisa & Tasneem

Just two Muslim mums kicking back, having fun and talking about life, relationships, family, motherhood and more.

Launched in 2020, Not Another Mum Pod is a fun and relatable podcast that explores issues relevant to Muslim women today. Created by two Muslim mums, it goes beyond motherhood and delves into relationships, Islam, hot topics, health, families and more. No subjects are taboo in this series of honest and open conversations between friends, experts and commentators.

Salaams! I’m Nafisa, mother of four children, teacher by qualification and an aspiring entrepreneur by heart. Being Founder of an educational programme teaching literacy skills (Super Smart Learners - English) and Co-Founder of an online community of Muslim mothers around the world (Muslim Mamas), which I admin with five other special mamas, life is busier than ever. Not Another Mum Pod was our release in Covid-19 Lockdown Ramadan 2020 - a place to chat about all things relevant and all things not; a time to relax and engage in adult conversation away from the mayhem - no joy, I definitely meant to say joy - that children (and husband) bring! It is an honour to do this with someone as fun and as honest as Tas, as you will hear! I am a self-confessed workaholic and dream of an organised, minimalist home. Oh and a full time cook, perhaps a live-in housekeeper, where my time becomes my own. In between all the chaos, I enjoy writing, eating out with friends, travelling and hanging out with the sitcom 'Friends'.

Salaams everyone! My name’s Tasneem and I’m a Muslim mum, wife and writer born and raised in London. Back in the days, before motherhood consumed me, I lived in Dubai and worked across various lifestyle magazines, before dabbling in PR and Corporate Communications. I also wrote and published a best-selling novel during my time in the desert, and I’m currently working on my second book. Watch this space! When I’m not writing, or working (I work in the Media/PR team of a National Charity), or looking after my home and kids, you can usually find me out at restaurants, chilling with friends, catching up with my mum or vegging out in front of the telly with the husband. I also love to read, cook, watch cooking shows, create new recipes, feed people… erm, do you see a pattern here? I’m really excited about launching Not Another Mum Pod with Nafisa and having the opportunity to share my thoughts on issues relevant to us as Muslim women, and I hope you enjoy it too! 

Grab a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks, and join us for a chat after hours.  

Welcome to the madness that is our lives.

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