Ep 13. How I survived mental health (with Harmeet)

“There isn’t a lot of language around how to describe mental health within our community.  The first thing that I used to think about is I’m going to get labeled as someone who’s just mad and crazy because that’s how people start to see you. They start to think that there’s something very wrong with you. They might not want to talk to you because they think that  you’re not normal.

I think  that’s very sad. The more that we do share, the less shame. And the less insecurities we have about sharing our stories, the more it will become a normal part of a conversation as we do with other things, so  it’s really taking back that control.” 


Mental Health is a topic that is still massively misunderstood in our community. This episode is the first of a series that will be looking at the challenges women face that impact their mental health, and how we can acknowledge, heal and protect it.


In today’s show, sister Harmeet Bharya speaks candidly about her mental health and the impact it has had on her life and health from losing her baby to feeling suicidal. Join our conversation to find out how Harmeet faced some incredibly dark moments in her life and how she came through it stronger, empowered with a positive attitude and outlook.


Trigger warning: viewer discretion advised – themes of baby loss, postnatal depression and suicidal thoughts


Note: This podcast is supporting the Better Health – Every Mind Matters campaign. Every Mind Matters is a digital resource to empower people to look after their mental health and support others. At its heart is a ‘Mind Plan’, a free, NHS digital tool that enables people to create their own action plan to help them take simple, practical steps to look after their mental health. 


Article: https://muslimmamas.com/mental-health-an-epidemic-since-the-pandemic-by-muslim-mamas/ 


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