Ep 11.1 Bonus Track: The Story of Palestine with Eman Askar (@emmasworld.101)

Instagram sea shanty on the ‘Story of Palestine’ was viewed 10 MILLION times in 48 HOURS! In honour of Palestine, especially for our audience, from the singer/songwriter herself, Tiktoker Eman Askar, an Egyptian mother of two, who became an overnight sensation when she sang an adaptation of “The Wellerman” sea shanty, shares her own story for you. 


Her song went viral after she replaced the lyrics to explain the history of Palestine and how the illegitimate Israeli occupation came about, resulting in 10 million views!. She has a special message for our listeners and talks about her story of how this song came about from a picture from her childhood.

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Eman Askar @emmasworld.101, Egyptian mother of two, singer, songwriter, copywriter, video creator. 

Discussion points: 

Nafisa: Salaams and welcome to Not Another Mum Pod.

In honour of Palestine, especially for our audience from the singer songwriter herself Eman Askar, an Egyptian mother of two, who became an overnight sensation.


Eman went viral and was covered by various news outlets. Listeners do follow her on Insta and tech talk. Username is emmasworld.101


Eman Askar: Hello, everyone, assalamualaikum! My name is Eman Askar, and I just wanted to introduce myself to Not Another Mum Pod and Muslim Mama’s listeners.


Eman continues to share her story about how she thought of this song, going back to her childhood, the thought process and aftermath of when she released the song. Tune in to listen to her unique story – truly an honour that Eman has taken the time to do this for NAMPOD and MM listeners. Thank you Eman!



There once was a land called Palestine

Where Christians, Muslims and Jews lived fine

In the 1800s

It was ruled by The Ottoman Empire

Meanwhile, a bearded guy

Founded Zionism for Jews to aspire

A land that becomes their home, and safe

Only for their kind

Then there was World War I

That ended when the Allies won