14. Polygamy Part 1: I’m a second wife – not a home wrecker (with Layla)

Villain or heroine, friend or foe? We’ll let you decide as we speak to second-wife Layla who shares her story of how she became caught up in a love triangle.


From dealing with sharing her husband to revealing what goes on behind closed doors, we ask Layla all the difficult questions about her life with the ‘man who has it all’ … or does he? Tune in and let us know your thoughts!


This is the first part of two episodes covering stories of polygamy in Islam, hearing directly from the wives in question. Listener discretion is advised.


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Salaams and welcome to a much-anticipated episode of Not Another Mum Pod! Today we’re going to be talking about one of the most controversial and contentious topics in Islam – polygamy. Please be aware that this episode may be triggering. 

So Nafisa. How long


Ep 7. Living with Cancer

This is the heart-breaking story of Naadia’s journey of living with terminal cancer; her fears, her heartbreak, not only battling with her health but also her faith. She shares how Keto gave her a new lease of life, how she remains positive in the face of darkness, and how she is cementing her legacy today.


Warning: This topic is triggering. 


By listening to this podcast, you agree not to use this podcast as medical advice to treat any medical condition in either yourself or others, including, but not limited to patients that you’re treating. Consult your own physician for any medical issues that you may be having.

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Naadia Vazeer is a 49-year-old single mum of four kids aged between 15 to 21.  In March, 2016,

Naadia was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer on her left breast. A year later, the cancer had spread to the rest of the body. Unfortunately, the cancer is now terminal and there’s no cure. In Naadia’s own words. she’s just ‘buying time’.


Nadia has been an advocate for breast cancer awareness since diagnosis. In 2017, a few days after a hospital stay and stage 4 diagnoses, Naadia was awarded a unique award called ‘The Women of Wonder Awards’ for her outreach into the community and raising awareness for breast cancer. She’s been interviewed by all genres of media, local to her where she’s based in South Africa, as well as internationally. You can read about her achievements here & here:


Naadia created her own hashtag,  which went viral in South Africa:  #fightlikeagirl

She also has a Facebook breast cancer awareness page and she founded a private breast cancer support group, where she helps women and their loved ones through their emotional, mental, and physical aspects of the journey.

Inspired by the Keto lifestyle, Naadia and her daughter Nabila founded a Keto food business, please do check it out and support them! https://www.facebook.com/nntheketochicks/ 

It is