Ep 3. Lessons from lockdown

Join Nafisa & Tasneem after hours where we reflect on the main lessons we’ve learnt living through this pandemic, and how our experiences have shaped our lives today.



 “My husband and I fought a lot less during lockdown, and it wasn’t because we were super patient or because lockdown brought us closer together … it’s because we both knew that if we fought, we had nowhere to go! We were stuck with each other; we couldn’t run or hide!”  Tasneem

With a second lockdown on the cards, this week we’re reflecting on the last lockdown and the challenges we faced as well as the lessons we’ve learnt. Share your lessons from lockdown in the comment section below. Nafisa also writes a blog piece for this episode, read on below!


1 – One family lesson

  • Enjoy time with family more – spend time with not just kids, but elders.
  • Lost my nani (grandma) during lockdown, I’ve so many regrets.
  • We need to live in a way we don’t regret that we didn’t do enough for our loved ones.
  • Family is beautiful. Make more effort with family and friends.
  • There is beauty in simplicity. Once things are stripped back, and the noise is cut out, you can appreciate each other more.
  • Children need us more than we realise – this time with them was precious, will never get it back.
  • We are more resourceful than we think and kids are more resilient than we give them credit for. The way we live in lockdown, we should live like it more. Life simplified. Food, easy cooking…spending more quality time.

2- One personal/self lesson

  • I realised I need people more than I thought I did – creatively for my writing and mentally/emotionally for myself.
  • I’ll never be one of those writers who can live alone in a cave and write a masterpiece. I need to be out there in the world, meeting people, experiencing things, to draw inspiration from.
  • I realised I’m an extrovert, not an introvert (shock, horror, I know! 😊)

3 – One lighthearted lesson

  • I’m bloody lazy when I’m not on the go… as soon as everything slowed down, I slowed down! I had so much more free time as I was on furlough but suddenly getting up in the morning was a massive struggle.
  • But, I realised that that was okay. Life didn’t fall apart if the bathroom wasn’t cleaned every day, or the washing machine wasn’t turned on that day.
  • It’s okay to sometimes take a break, a breath, chill and just try and enjoy time with the kids rather than working like a machine to achieve perfection.



  • I’m not cut out to be a full-time mother lol (I realise after having four kids!)
  • Stepping on Lego was not the worst thing ever; the sharp Paw Patrol pups are feet killers!                                         
  • Never take life for granted. Have no regrets. Experience life more.
  • A surreal moment: multi-tasking on a trampoline whilst attending a meeting with VC’s! How crazy is that?! We are Super Mums. We can do anything if we put our mind to it.
  • Use this time to find your inner-creativity and find yourself.


  • How insignificant we truly are. The tiniest miniscule thing has brought the whole world to its knees. How awe-inspiring is that? How utterly scary? If Allah can do this with the tiniest amount of non-effort, if Allah truly wanted to show His actual power, what on earth would we do?
  • Know that Covid-19 is ‘the concept of death’ personified. We are so scared of getting cancer or falling ill and dying – now with Covid, we fear we could die any time. However, even without Covid, we should remember that we could die any time.
  • Do we think of Allah and our Hereafter as much as we should? The way we live in Lockdown, we should actually take away some of the experiences and apply it to our daily non-Covid life. Like kindness, gratitude of human touch and presence, respect nature, experience life, connect spiritually with your heart rather than rely on just our body to express our God-consciousness.

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